Saturday, February 8, 2020

New Movie Filming Production Is Finished!!!

Finally everything is now finished with filming for a new   Naughty Pixel Productions   movie,  to be released soon  and the production took a month. It started on  Monday 6th January 2020 till Friday 7th February 2020, having a total of 22 days scheduled with the cast at the studio. Total invested time is 57 hours and 30 minutes. Everything was filmed totally out of order, so I can imagine it doesn't make much sense to this amazing cast I had the pleasure of working with as it was happening.   But I am sure everyone had lots of fun on set, even if it did at one point get to the haunts of the Mahna Mahna song.   Anyways, truth is after the release of  The Pre-Nup  in 2018,  I did not really had the plans to do another huge project like this.

Even if not everyone had roles that would lead to the in total of five sex scenes this movie will have.  I do want to say that every role was important. If this was your first time then I do hope you will be proud being a part of it.  There will be more planned in this year  and  I plan on doing something more than what some had in this movie.  If there was an option to give everyone involved a role leading to sex, it would only end up being very short moments of sex because the story is very important to me as well.  These virtual porn movies also can't take up three hours as the majority doesn't really go sit down for watching that long.  Now it is up to me to sort through hundreds of recorded film clips and edit it all together into an amazing porn movie. Edit the audio clips and make everything work out based on the story so I have lots of work still to do.  Thank you to everyone involved!!


  1. Cannot wait to see this finished and released <3 Muahs and huggles to Zoeykins and the entire cast.

  2. Thank you so much, Annikins! ❤ ^•ﻌ•^
    I myself also can't wait to actually see all the hard work becoming into a movie soon. *huggies*