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What is Naughty Pixel Productions?    Naughty Pixel Productions is a virtual   Second Life ™  Porn Studio   founded in 2012 that provides the realm of the best selection in   hot Solo Masturbation, sexy Foot Fetish fantasies  and  amazing Lesbian - Straight - Transsexual Sex   with storyline driven eroticism and the most intriguing plots in the  Second Life ™  Porn industry.    We give you real stories, like  The Business Of Women  where not only will you get drawn into the beautiful virtual girls eating each other out and having hot mind blowing orgasms, but the story will definitely also keep you glued to your seat from start to the end.   Click above on the pages column to watch The Business Of Women for yourself.   But that is not all !!!

Naughty Pixel Productions  has the very best in Foot Fetish porn, where pretty feet of hot Foot Fetish beauties take center stage.  You will find feet with pedicured toes, hot toe sucking, cum on toes, footjob and fucking with a foot focus.    Also even with or without wearing sexy nylon stockings. In short, just everything a foot lover could desire.  It is all the main focus here on  Naughty Pixel Productions  for the very best in Foot Fetish erotica.

In the  Second Life ™  world,  we can be whatever we want to be so  Naughty Pixel Productions  is also going to focus on more Fantasy Porn videos... Including having Neko Cat Girls or Sci-Fi characters.  The imaginations in the virtual world can be endless.  Everything will always be 100% ToS safe.

You're Still Not Convinced?    If you are looking for  REAL Virtual Porn  videos, then you have definitely come to the right place.   You will get all the hot Solo, Lesbian, Foot Fetish, Fantasy, Straight and Transsexual sex your eyes can feast on with your most favorite   Second Life ™  Pornstars   and the newest girls in the virtual  Porn biz!    Naughty Pixel Productions  really makes sure to take good care of all your  Virtual Porn  needs by providing you with exclusive  Second Life ™  Porn  content.   Being already over five years active and recieving many great comments says enough.  The motto: Naughty Pixel Productions only brings out the best!!  And that is really a standard for the  Naughty Pixel Productions  studio to stay being the best!!

Are you interested becoming a Naughty Pixel Pornstar?    There used to be an online application form below this page. This application has been permanently removed.  If you are interested, you can contact the  Naughty Pixel CEO  Zoey Winsmore  in-world in  Second Life ™  sending a message through instant messaging to schedule an appointment for a personal interview.   These messages do not cap and they do get delivered to email if not being online.   Notecards are not being used anymore by  Naughty Pixel Productions.   Do not send any notecards because they will be deleted!!!

                              Pornstar   Requirements

     18+ Adults Only.    Avatar Account has to be Adult Verified in Second Life ™
     Complete and full mesh body including mesh feet and (bento) mesh hands
     If having mesh head, it needs to be (bento) for required facial expressions.

     Having intimate body attachments like  genitals  is really a good option to
     consider for your Avatar.  Please have this  fully color matching  to the skin
     tone in various scenery lighting.          Keep your  Avatar  always up to date!!

     Drama happens when you are partnered,  please make sure you are free to
     do  Second Life ™  Porn   because   your partner can't sit around at a shoot.

Naughty Pixel Productions  is a  private  location and it is not open for any public visiting.  To keep the lag at a minimum, anyone not in a production is not being allowed to be invited over to the studio just to come  and  watch what really happens during a  Naughty Pixel Productions  porn shoot!!!
Un-invited visits, will most likely result in getting   banned   from the studio location.  Because this location is also being set as a private home sim.

Disclaimer:   All the photos and videos provided on this blog is copyrighted by   Naughty Pixel Productions   and may not be used elsewhere!!! [   Permissions for re-posting is allowed and only given to the   * SL Porn *   webblog, where the new movie releases are being promoted to the   Second Life ™  Porn   community in-world.   ]