Saturday, July 11, 2020

The New Movie:  Intro  And  A Little Teaser!!!

I know the editing of this  movie  is taking me so much longer than I really wanted, but it has been a bit more complex with a lot of things putting it all together. The movie will be released soon as I really want this to be purrfect. Also here I would like to show the intro and a first look little teaser.


Monday, June 1, 2020

Naughty Pixel Productions:   8th Year Anniversary!!!


     Eight Years...   And this year has been pretty amazing having done a busy big schedule
     of filming for a new movie which I am excited about releasing soon.     It has been a bit
     delayed but this movie will be coming soon.    Because I want this to be really purrfect.

     I have received the amazing  Lifetime Achievement Award  from the  SX Awards  while
     also being in the judges panel for this annual event.     Congratulations to the winners.

     I used to put my movies also on   PornHub   and recently,  I have noticed that   The Pre-
     Nup  suddenly has been deleted there so unfortunately from now on I will only release
     my movies here on the Naughty Pixel Productions website because of PornHub DMCA.

I was planning on putting the new movie there too but after getting this,  I now have decided to completely  stop  uploading anything on PornHub.. Thank you to all the followers making   Eight  Years   that   Naughty Pixel Productions   is producing the best in   Second Life™  Porn amazing.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Receiving:  The Lifetime Achievement Award!!!

Last week we had the annual fourth edition of the  SX Awards  and I have received the special   Lifetime Achievement Award   while I was attending as a judge.     I am so very honored to receive this amazing Award as a recognition to my now  eight years  being in the  Second Life™  Adult Industry. Thank you so very much to Virgil, from the VIR Studios and SX Awards for this Award as it really does mean a lot to me.   ** Meow and soft Purrss **

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Being A  Judge  At The SX Awards IV!!!

The    SX Awards    is an annual inworld event organized by the VIR Studios, conceived to celebrate the talent and imagination of the members from the Second Life Adult Industry.     The aim of the SX Awards is to reward the creativity and various skills of the participants and to offer members of the SL adult community a platform to get more visibility to their work.  Every year, SX Awards selects a panel of independent judges, chosen among the respected veterans and former members of the community. For this fourth edition, I have been asked earlier this year to be in the judges panel.

In the years the SX Awards have also become a bridge between the old and the new generations of pornstars, as well as bringing back to the scene former Stars of the Adult Industry, that are now active members of the community. Join this event today in  Second Life™  starting at 12:30pm SLT.