Friday, April 9, 2021

Caged Kitten!!!

I have been playing around with adding some Photoshop™ effect layers after watching a youtube tutorial video about enhancing photos to make them more awesome.   The original photo taken inworld to compare is on Gyazo   >> here <<       Well, I am just glad that there is milk in my favorite bowl and lots of fun toys in reach while being in this cage.       A kitten's got to play.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

The Kitten Klub!!!

     The Kitten Klub    is the tale of a private club with a sexy headmistress who makes sure the powerful, dollar
     heavy men have their selection of  beautiful, scantily-clad women  to help their sexiest fantasies come true
     at the club’s erotic masquerade balls.   But it is not as innocent as it all sounds.    She recruits sophisticated
     young women for her club and her new proteges discover her true objective, beyond providing the company
     and sexual favors to high-powered men, is to use their feminine wiles for political and industrial espionage.
     Certainly no man could resist telling it all to these seductive beauties!      These kittens choose their targets
     wisely and dig for gold.   In the case of one wealthy prince, one adorably sexy kitten angles to get her hands
     on a very priceless and expensive painting. If she can play the game to double-cross a dirty double-crosser!!

       STARRING:        Zoey Winsmore     •     Stacia Reinoir     •     Sandy Miggins     •     Annielle Destiny     •     Arienne Evangeline     •     Vampi     •     Larry Vinaver     •     Šкοгρϊō     •     Daxie
                                   Elesha Aleixandre     •     Katina Cazalet     •     Monique LeFry     •     Jennifer Boyle     •     Jaquelyne Desmoulins     •     Suzyst     •     Mirko Panacek     •     Roman Warden
       EXECUTIVE PRODUCER  DIRECTED BY:     Zoey Winsmore                                                                                                                              © 2021   Naughty Pixel Productions ™

Friday, March 26, 2021

The New Movie Premiere Release Is Tomorrow!!!

SATURDAY     27th  MARCH  2021

The very long awaited new  Naughty Pixel Productions  movie release will be held tomorrow at the  Gemini Gallery  venue inworld in  Second Life™ !!!
We will start the showing of this new movie at    6:30 PM SLT    and the musical treats of    DJ Stacia Reinoir-Winsmore    will start at    7:00 PM SLT.
Everyone is welcome and the limo taxies will be provided through the channels inworld tomorrow.    Don't forget, bring your catnip and mouse toys.