Friday, January 24, 2020

Third Week Of The Movie Filming Production!!!

The third week of this new movie production is closely nearing the end but the law of Murphy has shown his face.    Not in the meanings of failures. More in that most of the sex scenes had to be split over two schedule days and sort of losing those days to do the remaining things.  I have to push the release forward this month and include a fourth production week to the filming schedule.   Allowing me to get the last bits done to wrap things up.     The premiere release date has been postponed for this new big movie but it will have a new date   and   announced here on the blogsite soon.

What has been finished and wrapped up so far:     80% of the movie has been filmed;   2/3rd of the club scenes and lots of story bits and four out of five sex scenes.    There is still Sunday left of this week but I do add five more days to the production schedule to compensate for the lost days from filming some sex scenes taking up two days instead of the planned one day shoot.  Signing off this last update with two more movie screenshots!!!


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