Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Movie Filming Production In Second Week!!!

The new movie production has been halfway in the second week and about a third has been wrapped up.    I know, this doesn't really make it sound that the earlier said release date would be happening, but most of the story part has been filmed and the first sex scenes were finished yesterday... I do think that I am still good on the filming schedule and I am mostly focusing to get the other sex scenes done this week.   Only some small pieces of story bits needs to be done, having one more main actress getting her appearance in this movie.     And some scenes to make the story work out.

Signing off with this little update and showing another movie screenshot which I think looked a really hawt pose with two cast members.    Meow!!! Of course there is so much more but I won't spoil the rest of these scenes.. After all, that has to be a surprise for when this movie is being released.

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