Monday, January 6, 2020

New Movie Filming Production Has Started!!!

A new   Naughty Pixel Productions   movie production has started today inworld in Second Life™  and the first footage pieces has been filmed today with four amazing cast members that were selected for this feature movie.  Welcoming at least two new sexy and stunning actresses that are new with the studio.   The filming production schedule is reserved for the next coming three weeks, from 6th January 2020 till 24th January 2020 with a daily on set planning.    Everything has to be done in bits and pieces for this big huge project.   Just like how 'The Pre-Nup' was filmed in production. And hopefully, this movie is all finished filming in this schedule so it can be having an inworld premiere on the 1st February 2020.   I will be trying to post updates here as much as possible when I have it.       I have made the plans where exactly the movie premiere location will be in Second Life™...

Followed by a premiere party, the location to see this movie publically inworld will be at Gemini Gallery.  The cast always gets the 'first view' first as some maybe won't be able to attend this inworld premiere because some are from Europe.     This new movie will be available to watch here on the website when the premiere starts, the time has still to be chosen what will be working out best for most of us.    More about that in a later update.

And for tomorrow...   Day 2 of the filming schedule with more new cast and some that have been in previous released movies.  And as a sneak peek for what is to come...    Yes this movie will involve sexy purring kittens as this movie screenshot shows from the on set filming today, during day 1!!!

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