Saturday, October 28, 2017

TS Pussy Hunters:  Strip Pool Game!!!

                                         TS Pussy Hunters:   Strip Pool Game!!!

                                 Starring:                    Stephanie       and       Zoey Winsmore
                             Directed  by:                                    Zoey Winsmore

Stephanie and Zoey are in a friendly game of playing strip pool.   To make this even more interesting...  Stephanie adds that this game has one rule: Who ever wins gets to do what ever she wants to the loser.    And today,  the winner wants to fuck the loser  and  cum inside her tight little pussy!!!


  1. YESSSSSS!!! Zoey you nailed it!!! I will admit in the past I had a hard time following who said what in some of your movies but OMG you did this dialog fantastically!!! I know it's a lot of extra work cutting in the animation to go with dialog but it is so worth it!! YESSS one of the top directors I hope to see many more from you!!!

  2. Thank you so much Emily for the comment!! :) Yes, I thought doing all this would only take double like two weeks but with this dialog it took me much longer. And it is so much worth it as it just makes it so much more real. I have a big 60 minutes long movie coming soon, which has a lot of dialog in it and I am afraid it is going to take me very long to do it. Thanks!! I am happy to hear to be one of the top directors in the SecondLife Porn bizz... :)