Thursday, June 1, 2017

Naughty Pixel Productions:   5th Year Anniversary!!!

Today marks the amazingly magical  5th  Year Anniversary celebration!!!

I know that it has been pretty quiet since the start of 2017 in doing Second Life Porn projects up to now.  The reason is that  Second Life ™  went into Project Bento which enables us all with much more personal customization for our Avatars.   Something, that is very important for my studio as I want to improve the movie projects.  The planning to these new changes for projects   and   the long waiting for Logo has resulted in a hiatus.

Many have asked when new projects will be scheduled and I really wished I could have started doing this much sooner, but these things take time for most creators and designers and there is nothing I can do to rush so new projects have been postponed since January.  I believe that all things should be all good soon to start with new projects for Naughty Pixel Productions, and starting this all in the second half of this year, meaning July till December.  Probably a few movies at once will be going in production soon before a new movie gets released, scheduling this has to answer it.

When are new Naughty Pixel Productions projects going to start?                            The new Porn projects will be starting in the second half of 2017.
But you said as soon as you have a Bento head, why not now?            Because the Logo Bento head is in pre-beta. Alot of features are still missing.
Are you still going to do that shoot and use me in a movie?      If I have talked with you about a project earlier this year I will do as I have promised.

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