Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas from Naughty Pixel Productions!!!

Merry Christmas from Naughty Pixel Productions.         IF you did not get your prezzies on Christmas Eve, then this is why there was a delivery delay!!!      While Santa was on his way with the first sleigh, the Santa's Helper was told to make the second sleigh ready with more prezzies...

When the Santa's Helper arrived at the second sleigh, she was surprised seeing Ms. Santa sitting there.  Ms. Santa told the Santa's Helper to join her...     "I heard you are the best worker around here!!", Ms. Santa said...  "Perhaps you could do something for me while Santa is busy!!"

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The sexy cute Santa's Helper responded after sitting on Ms. Santa's lap,  "Yes Ms. Santa, I am here to do as you wish!!"      A whisper escaped from Ms. Santa's lips...   "Santa is too busy tonight and I really need some attention right now. I want to have some naughty fun with you!!!"

Not wasting any more time, both Ms. Santa and the Santa's Helper undressed from their clothes...    Ms. Santa's leg pushed playfully against the leg from the sexy Santa's Helper to make her expose her young pussy for Ms. Santa's delicate slender fingers to touch...   While her voice spoke softly,   "Ohh, you really are being wet down there!!"    While the slender fingers caress and slowly rubbing in pleasure over the Santa's Helper wet young pussy.     "I want to taste how sweet you are!!", Ms. Santa said...    Taking of the red boots and kneels lifting up the Helper.

Ms. Santa's soft tender tongue begins to lick over the deliciously sweet pussy and sensitive little clit...   "Mmm, your young pussy does taste so very sweet!!"      While hearing the moans of intense pleasure filling the air and feeling the lightly shaking body of the sexy Santa's Helper.

Ms. Santa takes off the red sheer stockings and spreads her legs to expose her wet pussy while looking at the sexy Helper...   Saying with her soft voice,  "It is your turn now.  My wet sweet pussy really wants attention from your soft tender tongue!!"        Ms. Santa begins to moan in pleasure when feeling the delicate soft tongue licking from the sexy Santa's Helper between her legs...   Softly whispering,  "Ohh fuck... Yess, make my wet sweet pussy cum!!!",   while Ms Santa's body starts to shake lightly letting her wet pussy grind against the sexy Helper's face...

The sexy Santa's Helper keeps on with licking between Ms. Santa's wet pussy lips,  mumbling her own pleasuring moans,  when pressing her mouth on to Ms. Santa's clit...    Suckling naughtily untill hearing Ms. Santa screaming out an intense orgasm.   Before Ms. Santa pulls up the sexy cute Santa's Helper, her eyes are gazing at the wet Helper's face and smiles at her saying,   "Come sit down here with me on the sleigh's seat."    Ms. Santa moves closer and opposite of the sexy Santa's Helper, letting their wet pussies meet...   Both start moaning when rubbing their wet pussies together and working towards another deep intense orgasm...    Untill their wet pussies being fully covered, with the sweet orgasmic juices!!   Ms. Santa leans in to kiss the sexy Santa's Helper and whispers softly,   "I am giving you a little promotion. For my pussy!!"

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