Friday, June 26, 2015

A Naughty Evening Playing SecondLife!!!

I arrived home late after work at the Naughty Pixel Productions office this evening...    No one at home to give me a nice footrub so I thought of logging in on  Second Life™  for relaxing that was needed from all the executive decisions...     Afterall, fun things do happen there, right?

Sitting in just my new black lace lingerie and my fishnet stockings.      I was checking the notices while waiting for someone to log on to have some naughty fun with.   It did not take very long for an instant message to pop up on my computer screen.   The instant message was from another cute sexy looking neko catgirl and she was deffinatly in the mood to be naughty.   And for me it really did not take so much wanting to undress myself from my black lace lingerie and being naked infront of my computer. Telling her I was only wearing fishnet stockings in rl...

This made her wet and horny,  making our messages become more hotter and sexually tinted.       I was unable to resist,  letting my hand slip down between my legs to slowly rub over my pussy.    On Second Life™ we were in a tribbling position while my slender fingers were rubbing between my wet folds and coating with my sweet juices that my pussy was releasing.     I did spread my legs to give my slender fingers some room to slip deeply inside my pussy.      With moving my two fingers back and forth,  I was fingering my wet sweet pussy and moaning softly.

The hot sexual messages between us both were pushing me towards the edge of an intense orgasm.   Arching back on my chair,  I screamed out moaning and purring loudly when cumming together with her.     My eyes closed and my chair was getting covered with the sweet juices from my wet pussy.     The sexy neko catgirl told me that she had to log,  we both thanked eachother for a Naughty Second Life™ Evening!!!

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