Sunday, December 21, 2014

An Important Announcement:  SecondLife Identity Theft!!!

For seven months now and still ongoing...   I have this creepy stalker in SecondLife with the name   Sibrien Slapstick   who pretends to be my alt. Contacting my friends, various people who are in the SecondLife Porn Industry and those that I have never met before,  telling people bullshit lies.
Several notices about this have been sent out in the general SecondLife Porn groups to warn everyone about it...    Still, some people do think it is not a big deal when some jerk that clearly does not have a life of their own, steals and uses my identity to  damage my reputation  in SecondLife.

I can't make this my daily task in SecondLife anymore.      If this is a normal thing for you, then you are clearly supporting this kind of harrassment.
In that case, you should just fucking un-friend me now and leave my Production Studio immediatly if you are in it.   I so do not need this fucked up shit coming back at me.    If you fall victim to this creep in the near future, It will be your own stupid fault and I am NOT responsible for anything!!!

Here is how it all started out getting this now seven months period of dealing with a creep stalker in SecondLife that I have never seen before.

I come back at my comp after being AFK for a bit leaving my Avatar online on a bed. I litterally come back seeing poseballs show up and changing. This creep jumps on a poseball and makes my Avatar become in a kissing pose.   I jump off when that happens.   And the following IM starts here.

[2014/05/12 22:14:36]   Sibrien Slapstick: hi there
[2014/05/12 22:20:41]   Sibrien Slapstick: that was dumb of me
[2014/05/12 22:20:57]   Sibrien Slapstick: to understate things
[2014/05/12 22:21:13]   乙oey Winsmore: hmm
[2014/05/12 22:21:28]   乙oey Winsmore: it was more rude in my book
[2014/05/12 22:21:33]   Sibrien Slapstick: sorry
[2014/05/12 22:21:42]   Sibrien Slapstick: but yes, it was that as well
[2014/05/12 22:25:13]   Sibrien Slapstick: I throw myself on the mercy of your fluffeh red tail! Without, you know, throwing myself on it or touching it because that's a bad idea right now.
[2014/05/12 22:29:21]   Sibrien Slapstick: If I may be allowed to ask one last thing before I get out of your fur...where does someone get a body like that on here?

[2014/05/14 21:51:00]   Sibrien Slapstick: I would just like to say that you are just way too sexy
[2014/05/14 21:52:27]   乙oey Winsmore: yea, is that why you try to copy my looks?
[2014/05/14 21:53:20]   乙oey Winsmore: amazing that you go through all this effort spending lindens to buy almost everything
[2014/05/14 21:53:52]   乙oey Winsmore: skin... hair... ears.. tail.. slink feet.. slink hands.. tangos..
[2014/05/14 21:54:32]   Sibrien Slapstick: And the darn cute azz place is closed
[2014/05/14 21:55:14]   乙oey Winsmore: so, explain to me... why?
[2014/05/14 21:57:10]   Sibrien Slapstick: I've found it's not uncommon for me to like how some people look so much that I want to look like them. I suspect it also ties in to an inconvenient fetish involving body swap and possession.
[2014/05/14 21:57:40]   Sibrien Slapstick: And you really are incredibly sexy. I just don't want you thinking I mean to hurt y'all by it, but it looks like I have anyway.
[2014/05/14 21:58:16]   Sibrien Slapstick: You ever have awhile, like a few months, where you feel like you're in a downward spiral of your own stupidity?
[2014/05/14 22:01:48]   乙oey Winsmore: well thanks for the compliment. and no, I am not familiar with that. but, in my opinion it would be better if you make your own style.
[2014/05/14 22:02:30]   乙oey Winsmore: But yes, I myself wasn't pleased by it, cause you did put a pic of me on your profile.
[2014/05/14 22:04:31]   Sibrien Slapstick: That happens to not be there, and I am currently in one of my own looks.
[2014/05/14 22:09:15]   Sibrien Slapstick: I change avs a lot. I don't even bother wearing certain types here that often, though, because of someone saying they don't have sex with fantasy creatures. And then there's the various monsters and animals. I know, fascinating, but I'm trying to be clear about my use of the words "currently in one of my own looks."
[2014/05/14 22:09:51]   Sibrien Slapstick: While I've found communication is important, I can just shut up if you'd like.
[2014/05/14 22:12:42]   乙oey Winsmore: yes, I did see you change looks cause I did zoom in on you while I landed, you were as almost me and I also saw the profile pic change live on my screen. changing looks it absolutely fine, but most of us will just see it as creepy if getting copied. But what I find more disturbing is that it shows me on a profile pic on your profile.
[2014/05/14 22:23:11]   Sibrien Slapstick: I didn't think of it that way, but that was inconsiderate of me to do that and not think about it from your position. I still don't see that as disturbing, personally, unless maybe it was a sex picture, but my feelings don't invalidate yours.
[2014/05/14 22:37:47]   乙oey Winsmore: well I can't stop you from making looks for an avi, what I truely want to hope is that this is not going to be used to discredit me in SL. because then it is a problem. And I rather prefer that it shows a pic of the avi you created, not a pic that was taken in my house where I live. Even tho I am the one that really can tell who it is.
[2014/05/14 22:40:00]   Sibrien Slapstick: I don't intend to discredit you at all. No claiming to be you, no rumors, none of that. This isn't about trying to replace you or anything like that.
[2014/05/14 22:41:39]   乙oey Winsmore: that is then good to know

[ Needless to say, the recieved chatlogs during this now 7 month period, will show the start of Stealing my SL Identity and claiming to be my alt! ]

The names have been removed to grant giving the privacy of other SecondLife residents that have talked to me in IM's.
This  IM  conversation was with someone I did not personally know before, and she did live on the sim where I also was living at, for a short time.

[2014/06/24 03:05:59]   ***** ********: fixed the tattoo thing :)
[2014/06/24 03:07:34]   乙oey Winsmore: oh.. hehe sorry, I think I am a bit lost :)
[2014/06/24 03:10:09]   ***** ********: Oh.. maybe i misunderstood something. Thought Sibrien Slapstick was your alt :)
[2014/06/24 03:10:37]   乙oey Winsmore: oh god no, she isn't.
[2014/06/24 03:10:51]   ***** ********: ah okay, my mistake
[2014/06/24 03:10:52]   乙oey Winsmore: did she look again like me?
[2014/06/24 03:11:00]   乙oey Winsmore: no worries haha
[2014/06/24 03:11:14]   ***** ********: Well was a little while back she showed me some adult movies she said she was in
[2014/06/24 03:11:26]   乙oey Winsmore: oh
[2014/06/24 03:11:28]   ***** ********: then i asked about which ones and she said it was them all
[2014/06/24 03:11:56]   ***** ********: they were on your public movie profile, so i figured if it was true it was likely your alt
[2014/06/24 03:12:04]   ***** ********: but i guess it was not the case
[2014/06/24 03:12:55]   乙oey Winsmore: oh no, she did lie about that. I am the only one and the movies on my public movie profile have been made by me.
[2014/06/24 03:13:14]   ***** ********: okay sorry to hear that
[2014/06/24 03:13:35]   ***** ********: she gave me a bit the impression she was you the way she told it
[2014/06/24 03:13:55]   乙oey Winsmore: she is like obsessed, she copied me. when I just came to live here
[2014/06/24 03:14:08]   ***** ********: ouch
[2014/06/24 03:14:28]   ***** ********: she did talk about being an alt and she was on her when she wanted to get away and all
[2014/06/24 03:14:39]   乙oey Winsmore: :o
[2014/06/24 03:14:41]   ***** ********: so she really made it sound a lot like she was you
[2014/06/24 03:14:42]   乙oey Winsmore: omg
[2014/06/24 03:14:58]   乙oey Winsmore: she deffinatly isnt
[2014/06/24 03:14:59]   ***** ********: well in directly i guess
[2014/06/24 03:15:12]   乙oey Winsmore: mhhmm yes, I have been told she does that stuff
[2014/06/24 03:15:28]   ***** ********: I can imagine it must be frustrating
[2014/06/24 03:16:04]   ***** ********: with me its just been IM chatting but can imagine if she has sex, and give that impression it must send a lot of awkward IMs your way to
[2014/06/24 03:16:53]   乙oey Winsmore: omg, yea that I sure haven't thought about yet... but yes you are right... good lord
[2014/06/24 03:17:44]   ***** ********: You might need to talk to her about it, sorry for seeming a bit unpolite but can see i lost track of time here, i gotta run offline
[2014/06/24 03:18:23]   乙oey Winsmore: yes, this I will take care of. Thank you for letting me know
[2014/06/24 03:18:49]   ***** ********: yw :)
[2014/06/24 03:18:57]   ***** ********: have a nice day ^^
[2014/06/24 03:20:44]   乙oey Winsmore: you too :)

I then surely did send a message to this creep after finishing the above conversation. Pretty much useless because I never got a response back...

[2014/06/24 03:34:07]   乙oey Winsmore: I just got an interesting IM from someone on the sim. telling me you are claiming to be my alt, that I apparently use to get away from the daily things. And that you are claiming to be in SLporn movies, showing my public movie profile page.. I strongly tell you to STOP acting like you are me. This is exactly the thing I said that is discrediting me. You are NOT me. You have NOT made those movies. So STOP being so damn obsessed.
[2014/06/24 03:34:07]   Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[2014/06/24 03:35:51]   乙oey Winsmore: And don't come telling me some lame excuse about it. I am drawing a line here, and you are very close to stepping over it. I do not tolerate shit like that. STOP IT!!!
[2014/06/24 03:35:51]   Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

Sibrien then joins the general Pornstars group owned by the Sexiest. I see her name in the memberlist and I immediatly send the group owner the following notecard on 1st August 2014 to warn about Sibrien's intentions and to prevent any members to get contacted by this creep.

Hello **********,

I have noticed there is this resident, Sibrien Slapstick, that goes out and about telling it is me, which is absolutely not true, and I wanted to let you know this person has joined the group, "The Sexiest : Pornstars". I really hope nothing has been said, this person has totally copied my exact looks and does tell people (I got this told back already a month or so ago) that is me and that it is my alt.

Please, I would like to let you know that it is really best to kick this person out.

Anything this person might have said, is not comming from me. I really hope it has not come that far.

Zoey Winsmore.

To this important notecard I have never even recieved an answer back as of this date. And that is why I have left the other Pornstars group because if not acting to something this serious, or responding back to me on this notecard message, is for me condoning it in agreement to any actions to discredit me whatever this creep stalker plans to do. If any more information would have been required, I would have gladly given all these chatlogs.

What truely is unacceptable on soo many levels is the following: Putting the importance to keep one fake creepy member in a group over me that has truely been a valid and longtime established member in the SecondLife Pornstar Industry. There was absolutely getting no loss in tossing this creep out who is not going to be in any Porn Project at all. It is in that group just to do what it has been doing for the past seven months, pretending to be me and bringing shock to people that it approaches. Or it is a good thing that they have someone in the group so things can be thrown back at me.

PS: Whatever the reason is why my important notecard got ignored, totally beats me. But I do thank the Sexiest group founder for NOT caring and giving any support on this.   I do blame her for not taking action and totally ignoring me. The victims of Sibrien should do the same. This could have been prevented months ago!!! If only there was such a thing as a community, this just shows that there isn't one when it is needed to stop such crap.

On 20th August 2014, A friend messages me saying that this creep approached her and contacted her out of the blue and she gives me this following IM conversation. Another friend also leaves me an IM saying that I seem to have a creepy stalker that is impersonating to be me on an alt.

[21:51:59] Second Life: Incoming message from Sibrien Slapstick
[21:52:00] Sibrien Slapstick: Hey there
[21:53:01] ***** ***********: Sibrien Slapstick?? lol
[21:53:35] Sibrien Slapstick: Shhh. Not everyone knows it's me.
[21:53:51] ***** ***********: the profile kinda gives it away
[21:54:46] ***** ***********: what's up??
[21:56:42] Sibrien Slapstick: Not much. Bored. A little horny.
[21:58:19] ***** ***********: how come you're using an alt?
[22:00:08] Sibrien Slapstick: Good way to get away from some of the drama of SL
[22:02:26] ***** ***********: hmm anyone in particular? :)
[22:03:20] Sibrien Slapstick: Maybe
[22:06:49] ***** ***********: boo :( I'm sorry to hear some people are giving you trouble Zoey :(
[22:07:03] ***** ***********: did you get to see my new movie yet?? :)
[22:10:47] Sibrien Slapstick: Sorry, other windows. Not yet, but I bet you were sexy as always.
[22:16:08] Sibrien Slapstick: How are you today?
[22:16:19] ***** ***********: oh I'm great :))
[22:17:45] Sibrien Slapstick: I bet you are
[22:19:01] Sibrien Slapstick: Anything I could do to make things even better?
[22:19:32] ***** ***********: you can start by telling me why you're masquerading as Zoey you FAKE!!!!
[22:19:44] ***** ***********: you've been reported
[22:20:48] ***** ***********: you don't talk anything like Zoey, and the real Zoey actually saw my movie earlier today. So you are a FAKE!!!!!!
[22:21:12] ***** ***********: YOU FAILED THE TEST

The friend that luckily did ask this test question, also did send out a group notice in both Pornstars groups. Still, nothing is done about it in The Sexiest group!!! Sibrien is still in it as a member so it can continue to approach other people.

Two days later, another friend of mine recieves this message from Sibrien, wanting to know with who I hang out with the most.. I mean, WTF!!

[2014/08/09 19:57]   Sibrien Slapstick: So...does Zoey hang around any particular people a lot more than others that you know of?
[2014/08/09 19:59] ***** ***********: no i barely see zoey anymore

Not long after these friends were approached by Sibrien, another friend of mine gets approached with the following IM conversation:

[2014/08/31 22:36]   Sibrien Slapstick: Well if it isn't the sexy photographer with the sexy photos. Hi.
[2014/08/31 22:37]   ***** ***********: hello
[2014/08/31 22:39]   Sibrien Slapstick: I thought I would say hello. I love your work.
[2014/08/31 22:40]   ***** ***********: well you must.. you have it on your profile
[2014/08/31 22:42]   Sibrien Slapstick: I don't look exactly like that anymore, but it is still a great picture.
[2014/08/31 22:42]   ***** ***********: thanks.. i took it.. and it's not you
[2014/08/31 22:42]   ***** ***********: goodbye

Since being banned by me at the Pornstars Nightclub and Pornstars Beach, Sibrien steals the photos from various SecondLife Photographers that have me in it. Uses it as a profile picture. And later on I get told that my whole profile was copied over by Sibrien.. word for word.. But all is gone after a friend and owner of the SL Porn group tells Sibrien it was wrong and she would be more interesting if having an own life. And that is not it, I have way more chatlogs from friends and from people I do not know. Sibrien keeps on going and going. Clearly has no life, or it must be so damn boring.

Then a couple months go by and I finally start to think this creep stalker got tired of impersonating being my alt, until I get one more IM chatlog just yesterday. In which things really got bad telling all sorts of bullshit lies to someone. NOT to forget, most do know that I am from the Netherlands, so another test was done with Sibrien and the dutch responses that Sibrien was giving, did sound like it was done with a bad online translator or some cheapy crap SL translator. That dutch was as if a moron was talking cause you would need another dictionary to solve the damn puzzle talk.

[11:09]  Second Life: Incoming message from Sibrien Slapstick
[11:09]  Autoresponse sent
[11:09]  Sibrien Slapstick: Hey there hot stuff
[11:10]  ***** ***********: Hi Sibrien
[11:10]  Sibrien Slapstick: I'm usually very good at missing you completely
[11:11]  ***** ***********: Well, I am very busy most of the time.
[11:11]  ***** ***********: Even right now
[11:12]  ***** ***********: Editing in photoshop while laying on the couch in our SL home
[11:14]  Sibrien Slapstick: I didn't mean to interrupt too much, then
[11:14]  ***** ***********: I didn't set myself to unavailable so I could hear incoming IM's. I heard your 'ping' :)
[11:16]  Sibrien Slapstick: Yeah, but I don't have anything important to say besides saying "hello", light conversation, and the usual flirtiness
[11:18]  ***** ***********: Hehehe..........
[11:19]  ***** ***********: I'm wondering about something. Please forgive me if I have forgotten but have we ever met? I don't have you in my list.
[11:24]  Sibrien Slapstick: You know Zoey Winsmore?
[11:24]  ***** ***********: I've never talked to her or met her but I do know her sideways so to speak.
[11:26]  Sibrien Slapstick: Correction: you have talked to her :p
[11:27]  ***** ***********: ??????? I have?????
[11:28]  Sibrien Slapstick: I'm Zoey. This is my alt.
[11:28]  ***** ***********: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[11:29]  ***** ***********: You're not pulling my leg?
[11:29]  Sibrien Slapstick: Are you having a heart attack?
[11:29]  ***** ***********: Well, sort of
[11:30]  ***** ***********: I'm totally confused now
[11:31]  Sibrien Slapstick: calm down, sweety

And then the little piece of the last chatlog I recieved where Sibrien talks in real badly translated Dutch...

[11:36]  ***** ***********: But if you're Zoey, dan versta je toch Nederlands?
[11:40]  Sibrien Slapstick: Zou je me maken orgasme in het Nederlands?
[11:56]  Sibrien Slapstick: okay
[11:57]  Sibrien Slapstick: Je me nooit beantwoord
[11:57]  ***** ***********: Wat heb ik nooit beantwoord?
[11:58]  Sibrien Slapstick: Zou je me maken orgasme in het Nederlands?
[11:58]  Sibrien Slapstick: hehe

After getting the last IM conversation chatlog, I have repaid Sibrien with an ejection from the SL Porn group, and a lifetime group ban in both the SL Porn and Pornstars Nightclub. I don't care whatever happens in the other general Pornstars group as I am no longer a part of it. If Sibrien is still in there, and this creep contacts any of it's members, it is their own fault for falling a victim to it. I have done my part in warning everyone. Better yet, send your complaints to the founder of The Sexiest group because my warning notecard about Sibrien was not taken seriously. So here, I will sign off and let my SecondLife be fun again. Anything happening from now on, is no longer my responsibility.    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!