Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween:  The Haunted House!!!

When the best holiday of the year is finally approaching, Angel decides to go on a travel to visit his best buddy that lives in a town called.. Hallow. It just will be very late when he arrives to catch the connection with the bus and he will stay the night in a full furnished house that he has rented online on the internet from a landlord.  Knowing little and not very much of this house's history, Angel does think that it is absolutely fine to stay the night there. But it won't take long before he gets the eirie feelings that he isn't alone. After thinking he saw a ghostly figure in the bathroom, a female appirition of a woman that died there and still resides in the house to sexually haunt on men that enter and stay, he calls his best buddy to tell him he will get his rent back in the morning before resting on the bed.  And when he dozes... He will get the haunting he will never forget!!!

Cast Starring     : Zoey Winsmore and DarkAngel Marenwolf.
Directed by        : Zoey Winsmore.