Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lesbian Babysitters 6!!!

Leannan recieves a phonecall from babysitter Freyja... She invites her over late in the evening to talk about some things that are bothering Freyja. When Freyja arrives she tells Leannan that her roommate is also working alot as a babysitter for an older lesbian couple.    Freyja also admits that she is very much interested in being with an older woman and has her choice set for Leannan.   Little does she know that Leannan always wanted to fuck with Freyja the day she met her.   Telling Freyja to be carefull what she asks for, in Leannan's hot sexy fantasy... She is the one in charge!!!

Cast Starring     : Leannan Lockjaw and Freyja Nishi.
Directed by        : Zoey Winsmore.

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