Friday, June 08, 2012

Naughty Pixel Productions!!!

Naughty Pixel Productions   is  a  new   Porn Production Studio   in  Second Life ™   that  will  produce  Premium Adult Naughty Machinima Movies.
Specializing mostly towards the  Lesbian, Foot Fetish and Straight  Porn Production genres.      The studio is looking for Second Life ™ Pornstars!!

If you are interested in becoming an Adult Pornstar Actor/Actress  for  Naughty  Pixel  Productions, you can make an appointment to schedule an Interview Audition.   Studio Requirements are that you are of  Legal Adult Age  in your Country  and  that you are  Adult Verified  in Second Life ™
You will recieve an invite to the  Naughty Pixel Productions  studio group in  Second Life ™  when you are accepted as a Pornstar Actor or Actress.