Thursday, December 12, 2019

A New Movie Is Coming Soon!!!

It really has been very silent here at   Naughty Pixel Productions    and I am afraid that the year 2019 will go in the books as a year off without movie releases.   Starting early in the next year, we will see some epic and naughty movies coming out following in the footsteps of  The Pre-Nup  in 2020. This new movie is going to be the second feature long movie of being an hour long.    A new page link has been reserved for this movie above, but it doesn't lead to anything just yet because I do not want to reveal secret spoilers...    Movie goes into filming production after the upcoming holidays. The casting will start next week so hopefully everything can go as planned with the filming schedule.   And the premiere release being 1st February.

The  ··•     Photography   Releases     •··  page has been removed from the pages list and can't be accessed anymore to search for the posted photos. Views on those two pages had a low amount of views counted so it is not really popular to keep that section.   The photos, have not been deleted!! They will remain on this blog and new photos will be published. The main focus for Naughty Pixel Productions is movies and that shows to be more popular anyways.   The  ··•     Movie   Releases     •··  page will ofcourse stay as this is just an easy way to find the movie that you want to watch here.

I have written a script for a Sci-fi adult movie earlier this year and have some of the special footage ready. It was sadly not possible to get the other material done in time for a release this year and it had to be pushed into next year as well. Also, I am still deciding if this will become a series or not. This movie is going to be released after my second big feature release movie mentioned earlier, because of the theme,  I do like to do that one first.

There will be more released going forward in 2020, but at least these are two projects that are top on the list for new     Naughty  Pixel  Productions movie releases coming soon.  Ending this update to, wishing everyone a   Merry Joyious Christmas   and amazing   Happy New Year   slide into 2020!

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